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Tinder = a less sex for the average male.



Because these apps are causing a greater innequality in the dating scene.


But you can use this innequality to your advantage, if you know how...


Be the third horse, double your chances

Two horses in a race.

Horse #1 always runs the track in 2:00 flat.

Horse #2 is more variable; on a good day he can run a 1:55, on a bad day a 2:05.

Both horses average 2:00.

The odds of either horse winning is 50/50 - it just depends on whether Horse #2 is having a good or bad day.


A third horse enters the race, also with an average of 2:00 but even more variable; 1:50 on a good day, 2:10 on a bad day.

Now what are the odds of each horse winning?


Horse #1 = 25%

Horse #2 = 25%

Horse #3 = 50%

The lesson:

Even though all 3 horses average the same time, the more variable horse is Twice as likely to win. This effect is even stronger with more horses in the race.

The same is true in the dating market, you can be an average guy but if your style and character are more polarising then you will do better than your peers.

Sure, half the time you might finish dead last. But, half the time you'll be batting way out of your league.

Be the third horse.

Be the man - get the girl

Attractiveness Calculator

Attractiveness Calculator

Tinder can be a harsh place: a man of average attractiveness is “liked” by just 1 in 115 (0.87%) women on Tinder.

Use this calculator to workout how attractive your tinder profile is relative to your compentition

To use this calculator: like every profile, counting every like, until you get 5 matches. Then divide this number by 5 and enter it below. e.g. if it took 500 likes to get 5 matches then you would enter 100 below.